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Insoll, T. (ed.). 2001. Archaeology and World Religion. London: Routledge. 226 pp.

Insoll, T. (ed.). 2001. Archaeology and World Religion. London: Routledge. 226 pp.

Sample Chapter – Insoll, T. 2001. Introduction. The Archaeology of World Religion. (In), Insoll, T. (ed.). Archaeology and World Religion. London: Routledge, pp. 1-32.

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This volume considers theoretical and methodological issues surrounding the archaeological investigation of world religions in general, as well as providing a detailed examination of such issues in relation to Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. It also assesses the implications of belief in approaching the archaeological study of extant world religions and how ethics, gender, and the evolution of religion are pertinent within their study. Extracts from reviews include:

  • Nayanjot Lahiri writes in the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (2002, 8, p.779) that, “many aspects of world religions that are absent from discussions that are anchored in textual sources have emerged in this stimulating collection and it is likely to be widely used by academics and non-specialists interested in archaeology and religion”.
  • Whilst Diane Treacy-Cole states in the Journal of Contemporary Religion (2001, 17, p.271) that, “This collection of essays offers much that should stimulate discussion. The book challenges archaeologists to move beyond description in categorising material remains and invites scholars of religion to include material culture in investigating these traditions”.